The Best of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2020

This year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) was buzzing with so much excitement that our Good Housekeeping Institute experts barely knew which of the miles of aisles in the Las Vegas convention center to walk down first. At this annual event, brands exhibit the newest (and most gorgeous!) cleaning and cooking appliances, high-tech lighting, pampering bathroom fixtures, stunning and sturdy surfaces, custom cabinetry, organizing systems, connected everything, and more. KBIS is pretty much a one stop show for anyone who is remodeling or redesigning just a room or an entire home.

When we cover a trade show like KBIS, we comb the booths looking for what’s new, what’s novel, and what’s noteworthy. We zero in on the product categories we cover most and the ones we’re most excited about testing in the coming months. We look for products that serve a real purpose or solve problems in practical ways and ones we’ll feel comfortable recommending all year long. Our Best of KBIS award winners below are the ones that really got us excited and made us say, “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” And importantly, all of these products are available now or within the coming year.

These are the best products we saw at KBIS 2020:


Build Your Own Range

Good Housekeeping Best of KBIS 2020
Colored and patterned appliances were a huge trend at KBIS. While many appliance manufacturers already allow you to customize your designs by adding unique handles and knobs, Blue Star was the only company we saw that allows you to customize the exact pattern of your appliance. While they have some patterns to choose from, they can match anything from your favorite scarf to your favorite painting. This feature is one way to truly make your kitchen stand out.