2016 Color Trends: What’s Hot For Fall

August 15, 2016:

Each year Pantone, the preeminent authority on color, selects the colors that you will soon see everywhere from fashion runways to home furnishings.  For Fall 2016 they chose ten colors that are anchored by earth tones, but also vibrant pops of color.  “Transcending gender, these unexpectedly vivacious colors in our fall 2016 palette act as playful but structured departures from your more typical fall shades,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

BlueStar sets itself apart in the appliance industry with over 750+ colors and finishes available on our gas ranges, wall ovens, refrigerators and ventilation products along with over 190 knob color options.  Here are four of the season’s hottest colors that you can bring into your kitchen with BlueStar.


Riverside – Pantone 17-4028 (RAL5023 Distant Blue)

BlueStar Platinum Series in Riverside

The new Riverside shade is one of the more dominant colors in the Fall 2016 collection.  It’s a cool, calming color that still exudes strength.  Shades of blue have traditionally been one of our more popular color selections due to its ability to stand up over time.  You can add this shade to your kitchen by selecting RAL 5023 – Distant Blue from the BlueStar color palette.


Sharkskin – Pantone 17-3914 (RAL9022 Pearl Light Grey)

BlueStar Platinum Range in Sharkskin

Create a statement by going bold with the rich neutral Sharkskin (RAL9022 – Pearl Light Grey) on your BlueStar gas range and let the accent colors in your kitchen really stand out.  This edgy neutral color pairs perfectly with almost any fall color whether it’s bright or subdued.  Much like a stainless steel gas range or wall oven, you can literally build the rest of your color palette off of this color.


Aurora Red – Pantone 18-1500 (RAL3018 – Strawberry Red)

BlueStar Platinum Range in Aurora Red

Aurora Red (RAL3018 – Strawberry Red) is the statement making color of this year’s fall collection.  Its boldness is immediately eye catching and allows it to stand out from the neutrals that dominate the palette.  Make a bold statement in your kitchen with on one our 36” Built-in Refrigerators in this color or be subtle by adding this color to just the knobs on your gas range.


Spicy Mustard – Pantone 14-0952 (RAL1012 – Lemon Yellow)

BlueStar Platinum Range in Spicy Mustard

Another color that can bring the welcome addition of color your kitchen is Spicy Mustard (RAL1012 – Lemon Yellow).  Unlike the yellows featured in previous seasons, Pantone describes this color as being spicier and zestier than those shades.

Still afraid to commit to this season’s trendiest colors for fear they will be out of style by the time spring rolls around?  One of the options you have available with BlueStar is to simply add one of these colors to just the knobs on the unit.  In the event that you get tired of Aurora Red or Riverside you can simply change out the knobs to another color or one of our standard knob options.  Create your dream gas range now at our interactive Build Your Own BlueStar tool where you can choose from these four featured colors or almost 200 other standard options.

Tell us which fall colors you’re most excited about in the comments section below!


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