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BlueStar Announces 2024 Winter Color Palette

January 23, 2024

The Curated Selection of Five Colors Balances the Deep and Neutral Earth Tones Associated with the Season 

BLANDON, PA — January 23, 2024 — BlueStar®, manufacturer of professional-grade kitchen appliances for the home, announces its 2024 Winter Color Palette. Hand-selected by BlueStar experts, the Winter Color Palette spotlights five of the brand’s 1,000+ color offerings and serves as a source of inspiration for homeowners and designers looking to infuse a cozy, grounded aesthetic into home kitchens. Diving into the season’s rich colors, the palette features neutral earth shades that evoke a sense of relaxation and serenity.

This year’s color palette – consisting of Copper Brown, Honey Yellow, Pigeon Blue, Highlands Green, and Silk Grey – serves as a celebration of the winter season’s outdoor beauty. Perfectly designed for mixing and matching, these colors create a canvas for personalization. Though these colors take their inspiration from the spirit of winter – such as Highlands Green, which is reminiscent of pine trees and wreaths – the balance of the hues in this palette plays on the harmony of cool and warm tones.

“The color experts at BlueStar aimed to create a palette that seamlessly blends with today’s trends, infusing a vibrant energy into the heart of the home while ensuring a timeless appeal that withstands the test of changing trends,” says Ann Muth, Vice President of Marketing at BlueStar. “Our team believes in the transformative power of color and the importance of customization to make a house a home. This collection illustrates our dedication to providing unique, beautiful, and quality options for personalizing the kitchen.”

  • Highlands Green: From the Alison Victoria collection, this green hue captures the deep shade of lush, vibrant foliage, seamlessly connecting the home to nature.
  • Silk Grey: Associated with sophistication, versatility, and timeless style, this shade provides a neutral canvas for personalized kitchen designs.
  • Honey Yellow: BlueStar’s 2024 Color of the Year, selected by Tikene Triggs,  introduces vibrancy and energy through a warm and inviting hue reflecting the golden glow of ripe honey. 
  • Pigeon Blue: Evoking the serene and gentle hue of a clear sky just before dusk, this color offers a calming and tranquil presence.
  • Copper Brown: A rich and earthy shade reminiscent of polished copper that infuses warmth and sophistication into the kitchen.

Since 1880, BlueStar® has handcrafted high-performance appliances in Pennsylvania, offering infinitely customizable ranges, refrigerators and vent hoods as unique as the home chefs who use them. For a more detailed look at BlueStar’s 2024 Color of the Year, please see here. For general information visit or join the conversation on social media @bluestarcooking.