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Fall Color Palette | Press Release | Kitchen Appliances

August 15, 2016

As the vivid colors of summer transition to neutral and darker hues of autumn, this fall’s “it” colors emerge.  Customize a Bluestar® range or refrigerator with the latest fall colors

BLANDON, PA, August 15 – In the kitchen, BlueStar®, manufacturer of customizable, commercial-style appliances for the home, favors autumnal schemes that easily cross over to all seasons.  Unleash your inner designer this autumn with BlueStar gas ranges, refrigerators, wall ovens and ventilation hoods in a variety of fall colors to match any kitchen décor.

Gorgeous fall colors, as portrayed by color specialist Pantone®—shades of lemon yellow, strawberry red, distant blue and pearl light grey—feel particularly suited for the season and can be welcoming any time of the year.  Among BlueStar’s favorite fall colors of those shown by Pantone® are Spicy Mustard (BlueStar’s RAL #1012), a bold, yet relaxed yellow that offers a classic fall look, and Aurora Red (BlueStar’s RAL #3018), a rich, bold red.  Riverside (BlueStar’s RAL #5023) is a pensive romantic blue, while Sharkskin gray (BlueStar’s RAL #9022) is a lovely addition to any neutral palette.

“Gray in particular continues to show up in every room and surface in homes, especially black kitchens that incorporate gray as an accent color,” said Eliza Sheffield, president, BlueStar®.  “Muted metallic and gray tones on appliances and fixtures continue to be popular,” said Sheffield. BlueStar® happens to have 20+ gray shades in its line.

Customize a BlueStar®
BlueStar® is the only company that offers color options in both refrigeration and cooking products – 750+ colors to be precise – enabling home chefs to truly customize a full pro-style kitchen suite, considering both design and function.

BlueStar® offers wide variety of color options as well as endless configurations for ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, and now, refrigerators.  To see these endless possibilities, BlueStar offers the interactive website tool “Build Your Own BlueStar” which allows customers to create a new BlueStar range by choosing everything from intensity of the burners to the color of the knobs and of the range itself. Want just a pop of fall color in the kitchen? BlueStar® can color the knobs in 190 colors which also can change like the seasons.

Constructed with commercial-grade stainless steel, all BlueStar® products are designed to withstand the rigors of the busiest home kitchens. BlueStar® gas ranges provide the home chef with a cooking experience that only can be matched by a restaurant kitchen environment. Its powerful burners provide up to 25,000 BTUs of cooking power for consistent, controlled heat and shortened cooking times. And for delicate soups and sauces, no stove matches BlueStar’s gentle 130 degree simmer burner. The company’s first-ever Built-In Refrigeration Line, featuring top performance and unmatched customization, provides a seriously fresh take on premium food preservation that redefines the art of cooling.

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