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BlueStar introduces new kitchen hoods | press release | BlueStar

March 26, 2014



Reading, PA, March 26 – BlueStar®, manufacturer of restaurant-quality appliances for the home, unveils an expanded line of kitchen hoods, featuring more than 15 new dramatic styles, setting a new benchmark in design and high-performance kitchen ventilation products.

The newly expanded BlueStar ventilation collection features hoods that are designed to be a perfect partner to the company’s commercial-style ranges and cooktops, helping to complete the BlueStar professional home kitchen.

BlueStar brings cutting-edge ideas to the design palate to provide inspiration for defining one’s personal kitchen style.  New styles include the under-cabinet London Flat for a sleek, modern aesthetic; the dramatic Manahattan, reflecting the motif of the modern skyscraper; and the classic Wrangler, full of rustic Americana influences and timeless style.

Each hood can be painted in over 750+ colors and finishes or outfitted with stainless steel, brass or copper metals.  This unique approach to kitchen hood design empowers homeowners to re-energize the kitchen space with a personalized design statement.  Mix and match in almost endless combinations.  Combine with distinctive hardware such as utensil rails, unusual nail-heads, standing seams and European Black Steel strapping for maximum impact.

“We offer a stunning line of professionally-inspired luxury kitchen hoods, crafted for kitchen designers, architects and homeowners who demand cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art performance,” says Eliza Sheffield, BlueStar Vice President of Marketing.  “With BlueStar, there is no need to choose between form and function.”

Professional level cooking equipment needs to be paired with correct ventilation to maximize results, advises Sheffield.  “Commercial-style cooking appliances produce more heat and higher flames than their lower-power counterparts.  The best solution is to choose a kitchen ventilation hood that can keep up.”

Each hood is handcrafted with precision on state-of-the-art equipment to ensure consistency and quality.  Built to meet professional standards inside and out, BlueStar Hoods combines high-gauge metals and commercial-style baffle filtration systems so anyone can cook like a pro.  High heat sensors provide automatic heat moderation for seamless high heat cooking.  Each hood accommodates top or rear discharge for convenience and accepts a variety of fans (including in line and remote) to meet the demands of any kitchen.

BlueStar hoods are available in 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 54″, 60″, and 66″ width sizes and peak at 1200 CFM.  A new, full line of options are available, including:

  • Under cabinets: Ventilation options for under cabinet installation to fit style or space requirements.
  • Wall mounts: A wall-mounted hood can be the clear choice for style and practicality.
  • Island mounts: If a cooktop or range takes center stage in the kitchen, an island mount ventilation system can be the best choice.
  • Recirculating: When exterior venting is not possible, recirculating ventilation systems are the solution.
  • Liners and inserts: The latest hood technology is available for custom hood needs.


With an ongoing commitment to serious performance, craftsmanship and innovation, BlueStar continually incorporates new technologies and enhanced designs into its product lineup.  Handcrafted in Reading, PA since 1880, the BlueStar product line features multiple gas range lines; a new high-performance electric wall oven; gas rangetops and cooktops; gas wall ovens; professional-style kitchen hoods; and salamander grills.


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Handcrafted in Reading, PA since 1880, BlueStar® cooking products are designed for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens.  The BlueStar® product line features high-performance gas ranges, cooktops, wall ovens and hoods.  BlueStar’s unique performance features include an open gas burner system that produces up to 25,000 BTUs of cooking power, precise 130 degree simmer burners, and oversized convection ovens with professional-grade infrared broilers.  Available in over 750+ colors and finishes, and with almost infinite configuration possibilities, BlueStar® premium cooking products offer virtually unlimited personalization options.  For more information, visit