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October 3, 2011

(Reading, PA – October 3, 2011) – Created to integrate perfectly into a small kitchen area, the new City Living Collection of 24-inch wide cooking equipment from BlueStar™ introduces a new standard in high-performance appliances designed especially for metropolitan living.

The City Living Collection delivers a creative solution and restaurant magic to the small urban home kitchen.  The compact 24-inch-wide high-performance gas range features BlueStar’s signature 22,000 BTU open burners and ultra low simmer capabilities, and can be fully customized to suit the specific cooking needs of the home chef.

“If you’re living in the city, chances are your kitchen is small.  Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t cook meals like a pro,” said Chef Marcus Samuelsson, award-winning chef and owner of NYC hot spot, The Red Rooster Harlem.  “With the right equipment – and the right recipes – you can make the most out of a small kitchen.”

“In my view, no other residential range can match the cooking performance of BlueStar.  You can put pots and pans on a slow simmer, and sear salmon and chicken breast on the griddle.  You can set up a restaurant-like kitchen with this range – now even in a small space, thanks to BlueStar,” he said.

In addition to the 24-inch-wide range, the City Living Collection offers 24-inch-wide cooktops in LP or natural gas.  The 24-inch-wide wall ovens have a standard left to right swing door, convection oven and fully extendable racks.  The unique 15-inch indoor charbroiler offers 15,000 BTUs of power and adjustable grate positioning for variable temperature cooking.  The line also offers coordinating pro-line and low-profile hoods starting at 24-inches wide for ample venting coverage.  Heavy-duty construction combined with innovative features produce appliances of uncompromising durability, functionality and beauty.

“The City Living Collection packs a big punch in a small package,” said Michael Trapp, President of Prizer Painter Stove Works, Inc., the manufacturer of BlueStar.  The 24-inch-wide gas range features the high-heat open-burner system, the intense 1850°F infrared broiler and a gentle simmer burner that supplies the perfect, low-heat flame at 130°F.  No compromises were made in building the ultimate cooking machine for city living,” he said.

Each BlueStar is built with the highest quality materials and distinctive workmanship that comes from 130 years of expertise.  Available in a painter’s palette of 190 colors, options that run the gamut from popular stainless steel and jet black, to warmer, stylish hues including teal, brown, orange and magenta, to bold primary colors like ruby red and cobalt blue.

Handcrafted entirely in the U.S.A. in Reading, Pennsylvania, BlueStar cooking products are designed for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant quality results in their own kitchens.

BlueStar is available at select appliance dealers nationwide.  For more information or to locate a dealer, visit the company website,



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BlueStar™ – Genuine Restaurant Ranges for the Home™ – manufactures high-performance gas ranges and cooktops for the residential market. The company’s unique open burner system produces 22,000 BTU of cooking power, resulting in shorter cooking times and an even simmer. Each BlueStar range is hand-crafted in Reading, Pennsylvania and features burners that can be custom configured at the time of order. Most BlueStar models are available in 190 colors, at no extra charge. For more information, please visit