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New Suite of Electric Kitchen Appliances for Restaurant Performance

October 26, 2017

BlueStar®, manufacturer of high-performance appliances for the home, is introducing a suite of commercial-style appliances exclusively for the electric kitchen, including an induction cooktop, double electric wall oven plus complimentary commercial-style ventilation and built-in refrigeration.

“The essence of the BlueStar® brand is putting the tools of the professional restaurant chef within reach of the dedicated home cook. Now, anyone can design a complete commercial-grade electric kitchen with high-quality appliances,” said BlueStar® President Eliza Sheffield.

Curated Commercial-Style Electric Kitchen Suite
The full suite of appliances seamlessly blends power and performance, mixing sleek design and technology with the ultimate in flexibility. This premium collection of chef-inspired electric appliances is at home in any style kitchen.

BlueStar’s advanced induction cooking technology features exceptional speed and control plus legendary BlueStar® power. The new induction cooktop offers the most powerful single burner in the industry. Thanks to the exclusive Power Boost feature, a 5,500 Watts burner can bring one quart of water to a rolling boil in less than two minutes. The seamless two-burner bridging technology is perfect for grilling or searing with the unique dual zone plancha/grill, sold separately. The intuitive design includes sleek push-to-turn knobs that are customizable with a choice of 190+ colors and 10 metal trims plus an easy-to-clean, scratch resistant glass top.

Pair the new induction cooktop with the recently introduced BlueStar® Double Electric Wall Oven that offers unmatched performance and capacity for the home chef. The extra-large oven cavities feature a powerful 2,500 watt bake element plus an 1,800 watt heat assist for faster preheat, true European Convection and a commercial-grade intense 5,000 watt Infrared broiler. The built-in artisan baking stone with precision temperature control enables home pizza makers to deliver restaurant-quality results at home.

The complimentary pro-style ventilation hoods combine heavy–duty construction with seamless design to offer uncompromised durability, functionality and beauty. While induction cooktops have no visible coils or burners, good ventilation is still required to remove excess steam from cooking. Built to meet professional standards inside and out, BlueStar® hoods combine high-gauge metals and commercial-style baffle filtration systems. Each hood can be painted to match the cooking equipment and outfitted with stainless steel, brass or copper metals. Combine with distinctive hardware such as utensil rails, unusual nail-heads, standing seams and European Black Steel strapping for maximum impact.

Completing the commercial-style suite is the new BlueStar® Built-in Refrigerator, offering unique features for the home chef and enthusiastic home entertainer. The Refrigerator features professional grade elements like durable 304 grade stainless steel interiors and stainless steel and glass shelves and drawers. There is a dual compressor system — one for the fridge and another for the freezer — for optimum food preservation and advanced odor control. The Refrigerator’s fully extending bottom shelf is designed to fit a full-size commercial sheet pan — as is the freezer shelf – that way, extra-large pans prepped with pastry or hors d’oeuvres can go straight from the refrigerator or freezer into an oversized BlueStar® oven, another brand hallmark.

Like all BlueStar® products, these can be tailored to suit any individual style. Customize the appliances in any one of more than 750 colors and finishes. For a quick pop of color (that can be easily refreshed), add colored knobs to the cooking equipment. Ten metal trim options including copper, brass and stainless steel, are available on most of the cooking and ventilation products, and also on the new refrigeration line. This unique approach to kitchen design empowers homeowners to re-energize the kitchen space with a personalized design statement. You can “Build Your Own BlueStar” online.

With the recent expansion into electric appliances and premium refrigeration, BlueStar® continues to build upon a 135 heritage of innovation by offering serious home cooks a turnkey solution for a top-performing, bespoke kitchen – no matter the cooking preference. For information, visit and visit the Chef-Inspired Electric Kitchen video gallery at

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