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Discover Our Third Seasonal Color Palette

March 18, 2019

Curated by Interior Designer Eric Cohler, ‘Spring Awakening’, the third in a series of four distinct color palettes, was inspired by seasonal ingredients found in home chefs’ kitchens

Blandon, PA, March 18 – BlueStar®, manufacturer of handcrafted, high-performance kitchen appliances for the home – and a pioneer in customization and color innovation – announces Spring Awakening, the third in the award-winning Savor the Seasons color collection curated by internationally acclaimed interior designer Eric Cohler.

While a white kitchen with stainless steel appliances may have widespread appeal, like any good interior design trend, there’s a point where it’s seen too frequently and everywhere, and begins to lose luster. According to Eliza Sheffield, president of BlueStar®, “People are discovering that color can make a kitchen pop. While stainless remains a popular premium finish, we’ve seen a rise in what we call ‘stainless fatigue’ — it’s been around for so long, that people are feeling that their kitchens are looking cookie-cutter, as opposed to the upscale, differentiated look that stainless always implied. Clients are telling design professionals that they do not want a kitchen that looks like everyone else’s.”

Inspired by the flavors and colors of fresh ingredients and the natural world, the Savor the Seasons collection features four custom seasonal palettes — Autumn Abundance, Winter Solstice and now the new Spring Awakening palette, with Summer Bounty following in June – each designed to inspire home chefs to create a personal space that reflects their passion for cooking and entertaining.

Spring Awakening, with its fresh, strong colors, includes basil green, yolk, aubergine and mushroom. Aubergine is a stunning purple-violet – a luminous eggplant. Basil green has distinct yellow undertones that symbolize new growth. With maturity, spring’s foliage gives way to the bright yellows of late spring, seen in the color of yolk, which also symbolizes rebirth. Even the neutrals of spring, like mushroom, which is a simple, standard tone, has a certain zest. Spring is a time of vitality and growth, and the colors of Spring Awakening reflect this.

This fresh, carefully curated collection, is designed to inspire not dictate.  Cohler’s renowned style clearly emerges in the rich, potent colors of each palette. “The colors work separately or together and harmonize perfectly with each other, in terms of design and materials. They are timeless and can be integrated into traditional, contemporary and modern kitchen and living styles,” said Cohler. “The colors feel luxe and unique yet livable – you could use them on a full suite of appliances (from ranges to hoods to refrigerators) or on one statement piece.”

BlueStar® has been a leader in appliance color and customization for more than a decade and is the only pro-style appliance brand to offer virtually unlimited options for personalization across cooking, ventilation and refrigeration, including more than 750 colors and finishes, metal trim options, as well as highly customizable cooking surfaces and doors.

Recently recognized as an Honoree in the prestigious Interior Design 2018 Best of Year Awards, the four seasonal color collections work seamlessly together, so a homeowner can design an entire kitchen space using the collection as inspiration – from the color of the appliances, to the cabinets, to the accent pieces. Each palette features Cohler’s personal recommendation for a metal trim, from antique brass to pewter, to complement each season’s specific collection. They are timeless and can be integrated into traditional, contemporary and modern kitchen and living styles.

BlueStar® offers an online “Build Your Own BlueStar” tool where customers can build a custom dream product to their unique specifications. BlueStar appliances are designed and built exclusively by BlueStar® in Pennsylvania. For more information, visit