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BlueStar® Introduces New Column Refrigerators & Freezers

February 9, 2021

Designed for Exceptional Food Preservation, Maximum Storage & Unmatched Design Options

Blandon, PA, February 9 – BlueStar®, manufacturer of high-performance, customizable appliances for the home, is expanding its award-winning premium refrigeration line, bringing its signature professional-level performance and unmatched customization to integrated Column refrigerators and freezers.

The innovative collection, designed for serious home cooks and design enthusiasts, delivers best-in-class performance and exceptional food preservation in a stunning, commercial-style design. The new line raises the level of design sophistication with exciting options for personalization, including 1,000+ colors, custom colors and 10 metal trims, to fully style the luxury home kitchen.

“Our new Columns line redefines what’s possible in the kitchen, offering incredible design flexibility and functionality to create a kitchen that fits any cooking or entertaining style,” said BlueStar® President Eliza Sheffield. “Passionate home cooks can create a completely customized, chef-level BlueStar kitchen – cooking, ventilation and premium refrigeration, now including Columns – and make a personal design statement with color and trim.”

The new Columns offer unparalleled design possibilities.  The BlueStar® modular vertical fridges and freezers can be mixed and matched with different sizes and finishes and can be installed either side-by-side or individually. Unlike traditional refrigeration, the refrigerator column can be easily paired with any size freezer column. You can pair two together for a built-in side-by-side look or build a beautiful ‘refrigeration wall’.

The Columns are panel-ready to integrate with cabinets or you can select traditional stainless steel. Exclusive to BlueStar®, customers can choose from a painter’s palette of more than 1,000 colors or create any custom color to seamlessly match painted kitchen cabinets. Ten metal trim options including copper, brass and stainless steel, are available on the new Column line, to add richness and warmth for the ultimate design statement.

Column Refrigerator

The new 30-inch refrigerator column fits a variety of lifestyles and cooking styles. Whether it’s stocking up on groceries for long stays at home and multiple, daily meal prep, or needing ample flexibility for the inevitable time when we can again host large gatherings, the Column refrigerator is ready.

Sleek and stylish, the 30-inch Column offers the largest capacity in its class: by relocating the evaporator to a concealed, side-mounted position, the BlueStar® Column refrigerator offers more depth and greater storage space than most cabinet-depth refrigerators. Revolutionary cooling technology offers advanced temperature control for longer food preservation through a unique ventilation system and an insulated variable speed compressor. Professional grade elements include durable stainless steel and glass interiors making them hygienic, easy to clean and impervious to food odors. A fully extending slide tray fits a sheet pan for effortless refrigerator to oven prep, a BlueStar signature. Extra-large, fully extending crisper drawers provide deep storage and full visibility. Stunning LED lighting makes locating items effortless, and there is an easy- to-use touch screen control with Sabbath and Shopping modes, ideal for storing food right after returning from the market.

Column Freezer

Both the 30” and 18” freezer units feature heavy duty construction and commercial-style design, with stainless steel, full extension drawers and extra-bright LED lighting. An automatic ice maker with a super ice function increases ice production by 50% and allows for multiple ice cube sizes.

The Column refrigerator and freezers complete the commercial-style, fully customizable suite of appliances from Bluestar® which also includes Built-in Refrigerators, complementary pro-style ventilation hoods and a full line of gas and electric cooking appliances.