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BlueStar & prizer celebrates heritage | press release

June 30, 2014

(Reading, PA – June 30, 2014) – BlueStar®, manufacturer of restaurant quality cooking equipment for the home, and Prizer Hoods, producers of high-performance, fully customizable kitchen hoods, proudly show their true colors – over 750 color and finish choices, including red, white and blue.

Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, parent company Prizer-Painter Stove Works has been in operation since 1880 – not long after America celebrated its first centennial.  For more than 130 years, Prizer-Painter Stove Works has built a heritage of quality craftsmanship.  Originally known as Prizer-Painter Stove and Heater Company in its early days, the company produced a full line of coal ranges, hot water heaters, furnaces and heating stoves, sold under many of the major brand names of the day.  Many of those original models are still in service today across America.  In 2002 Prizer introduced restaurant quality ranges to the residential market, under the BlueStar name and followed up with the Prizer Hoods line in 2013.  BlueStar and Prizer Hoods continue to uphold Prizer’s tradition of American manufacturing excellence by crafting exquisite, professional-grade cooking equipment and kitchen ventilation products that combine world-class design with the latest in commercial-grade kitchen appliance technology.  Built to meet professional standards inside and out, both brands allow the home chef to cook like a pro.

Each BlueStar range and Prizer Hoods is made by hand in Reading, Pennsylvania by skilled American workers.  BlueStar pro appliances and Prizer Hoods provide the home chef with a cooking experience that can only be matched by a restaurant kitchen environment.  The hand-assembled quality of BlueStar cooking equipment and Prizer Hoods has caught the attention of cooking enthusiasts such as Iron Chefs Jose Garces and Michael Symon, a James Beard Foundation award-winning chef and co-host of ABC’s “The Chew”, along with a host of leading interior design professionals.

A leader in color customization for nearly a decade, BlueStar and Prizer Hoods are offered in hundreds of color choices as well as custom colors and unique finishes.  An interactive website tool, ‘Build Your Own BlueStar’, allows consumers to customize a new BlueStar range – from the intensity of the burners to the color of the knobs and the range itself – before buying.

Built to meet professional standards, Prizer Hoods combines high-gauge metals and commercal-style baffle filtration systems.  Prizer Hoods gives designers and homeowners the unprecedented opportunity to create a custom shape for each customer’s taste, and each hood can be formed from almost any metal and painted in hundreds of colors and finishes.  Prizer Hoods delivers an innovative design experience with a uniquely styled end-product that is tailor-made to fit a homeowner’s preferred kitchen layout or individual design style.

“BlueStar and Prizer Hoods are proud to be producing professional-quality appliances in Reading, PA, using skilled American workers and contributing to the local economy,” says Eliza Sheffield, vice president, Marketing, BlueStar/Prizer Hoods.

Handcrafted in Reading, PA since 1880, BlueStar ranges come in an infinite number of unique configurations, including grill and griddle options, to accommodate all cooking needs.  Not only are BlueStar ranges, cook tops and ovens restaurant grade but its wide array of 190 different colors make any kitchen more unique.  Of course BlueStar offers stainless steel as well, but who wouldn’t want a true professional and colorful kitchen that will make foodie friends turn 50 shades of green with envy?

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