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April 11, 2011

(Reading, PA – April 4) – BlueStar™, manufacturer of high-performance cooking equipment for the home, allows consumers to customize a BlueStar range before they buy through its “Build Your BlueStar” web tool.

“Over the years BlueStar has built a strong reputation for high-performance kitchen appliances, but we’ve found that consumers are often surprised to learn just how customizable our products are.  BlueStar ranges are available in five different sizes, four types of backguards in most models, and a cooking surface with an almost endless amount of configurations”, said Carlene Moloney, BlueStar’s Vice President of Marketing.  “Whether it’s a 36″ Ruby Red range with an 8″ backguard, a 12″ griddle, and 4 burners – or a 60″ Jet Black range with a 21″ high-shelf backguard, 24″ charbroiler, and 6 burners, we can build it for you.”

According to Moloney, the new tool reflects how people use the webe for product information and ideas.  “The Internet is often the first place consumers research products before they purchase. ‘Build Your BlueStar’ allows consumers to confidently narrow their selection and create a range to fit their specific cooking needs, tastes, and kitchen decor.”

With just a few simple clicks, it is easy to change the appliance’s specifications to reflect personal cooking styles and preferences.  The tool, which features BlueStar’s top-selling Residential Nova Burner (RNB) range, offers a selection of ten of the company’s most popular 190 colors.  Users also can select from different range sizes – 24-inches to 60-inches – and can configure burners to complement their cooking preference.  Burners can be mixed-and-matched with a griddle, French Top or charbroiler.

After building their own BlueStar on-line, consumers can email their customized range to any BlueStar dealer or print it out and take it with them to the store.  Customized orders can typically ship within 6-8 weeks from date of order.

“Everything we do on-line revolves around providing the resources a homeowner needs to make a purchase they’ll be happy with,” said Moloney.  In addition to the “Build Your BlueStar” feature, BlueStar’s website also provides recipes, installation guides, pictures of BlueStar products installed in homes, and demonstration videos.  “Our hope is that the site provides a great resource guide for our customers.”

BlueStar manufacatures high-performance gas ranges and cooktops for the residential market.  The company’s unique open burner system produces 22,000 BTU of cooking power, resulting in shorter cooking times and an even simmer.  Each BlueStar is hand-crafted in Reading, Pennsylvania.  To build your own BlueStar, visit, or click here to go directly to Build Your BlueStar.



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BlueStar™ – Genuine Restaurant Ranges for the Home™ – manufactures high-performance gas ranges and cooktops for the residential market. The company’s unique open burner system produces 22,000 BTU of cooking power, resulting in shorter cooking times and an even simmer. Each BlueStar range is hand-crafted in Reading, Pennsylvania and features burners that can be custom configured at the time of order. Most BlueStar models are available in 190 colors, at no extra charge. For more information, please visit