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Introducing Sleek, Contemporary Touch Induction Cooktop

October 31, 2018

BlueStar®, manufacturer of high-performance appliances for the home, is adding to its suite of electric cooking products with the new Touch Induction Cooktop, featuring elegant touch control and frameless, flush installation. Similar to the original Turn Induction Cooktop, which offers knob controls, the new model features advanced cooking technology with maximum power and precision for restaurant-quality results at home. The minimalist design offers a seamless, modern profile for today’s premium home kitchens.

This 36” Touch Induction Cooktop is intuitive to operate and offers many innovative design features, combining speed and control with rapid heat accelerator technology for no-wait cooking. It heats up to 50% faster than gas plus has a seamless two-burner bridging technology, perfect for grilling or searing with the corresponding cast iron dual zone griddle.

Modern Design, Cooking Precision

The new BlueStar® Touch Induction Cooktop is a sleek, modern design that can be perfectly integrated into the countertop to blend seamlessly with any kitchen design. For a complete contemporary pro-style electric kitchen, the induction cooktop can be paired with BlueStar® electric wall ovens, as well as built-in refrigeration and a broad selection of professional-style ventilation.

The cooktop combines efficient performance of induction with the precise control and powerful performance that is the hallmark of the BlueStar® brand. The five burners feature three levels of heating power: standard, power boost or double power boost. The home chef has the ability to kick-start the cooking process on all cooking zones, boosting the power immediately for no-wait cooking and optimal flexibility. The industry-leading 5,500 watt burner can bring one gallon of water in a large pot to a rolling boil in only three and a half minutes. This increased, instantaneous temperature response means lightning-fast high heat.

The Smart Power Management automatically calculates and disperses the maximum amount of power across the number of burners in use. The sensitive touch power selection provides intuitive temperature control with 12 cooking settings. All burners can deliver a gentle 200 degree simmer or maintain a perfect keep warm temperature with three heat level options. Each burner also features individual cook timers so that recipes are easily followed. Plus the induction cooktop comes with robust safety features making it ideal for families including a safety lock, pan detection technology and no-touch hot surface indicator light. The black ceramic glass surface resists scratching, staining, and the display has crisp, natural white indicator lighting.

Minimalist Profile, Professional Performance

Minimalism, as a style, became popular in the 1960s, as a way to simplify everyday life and focus on the essential. Today, many kitchen designers have become oriented in this direction, offering designs combining a rigorous, linear aesthetic with functionality.

“Interior designers love recommending induction cooktops because they are easy to clean, energy efficient and offer cooking power that compares favorably to gas. Plus, induction cooktops offer a sleek, modern style that is timeless,” said BlueStar® President Eliza Sheffield. “BlueStar’s newest induction cooktop is slender yet powerful. In addition to this new design, we also offer an induction cooktop with knobs that can be customized in 190 different colors to give customers options without compromise.”

“Our induction cooktops deliver a pro-style cooking experience at home,” said Sheffield. “From our Platinum gas range to our new chef inspired refrigeration, and now precise and powerful induction, BlueStar continues to set new standards in quality and customization. Our appliances are available in a painter’s palette of colors and finishes—select from 750+ colors plus textured finishes to compliment any kitchen design.”

BlueStar® appliances are designed for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens. Handcrafted since 1880, the Pennsylvania-based manufacturer specializes in gas ranges, cooktops, electric and gas wall ovens, complementary kitchen ventilation hoods, premium refrigeration and induction. Available in over 750+ colors and finishes, and with almost infinite configuration possibilities, BlueStar® offers unmatched options for customization. For more information, visit