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Open burner drop-in cooktops | press room | BlueStar

June 16, 2008

(Reading, PA – June 16, 2008) – Today, BlueStar™, the manufacturer of high-performance gas ranges and cooktops for the residential market announced that it has begun shipping its new line of high-performance open burner drop-in cooktops. The drop-in cooktop line joins BlueStar’s suite of high-performance gas cooking products – including freestanding ranges, cooktops, indoor charbroilers, and salamander broiler.

The gas drop-in cooktop line – available in width sizes of 30” and 36” – is believed to be the only open burner drop-in cooktop in the market. The 30” model features four open burners, while the 36” drop-in adds a fifth open burner. Both models feature two BlueStar trademark UltraNova® 22,000 BTU power burners and one 130° gentle simmer.

“With the growing trend towards island kitchen configurations and consumers’ desire for high-performance cooking products, the introduction of a BlueStar drop-in cooktop was a natural evolution. Our factory handles numerous inquiries every day from consumers and retailers looking for a BlueStar drop-in cooktop – so we know there’s pent up demand. We’re thrilled to be able to bring BlueStar’s signature 22,000 BTU power to a drop-in format,” said Mike Trapp, BlueStar’s Vice President of Operations.

The drop-in cooktop line is manufactured with 304 commercial-grade stainless steel and features push-to-turn knobs, infinite setting ULTRANOVA™ top burner controls, heavy duty control knobs, and full motion grates. Every drop-in cooktop will also include a complimentary wok ring.

Originally a manufacturer of high-powered commercial ranges, BlueStar now markets exclusively to the residential market. The hand-assembled quality of BlueStar products has caught the attention of cooking enthusiasts, from professional chefs to amateur cooks, who demand uncompromised quality in their appliances. What sets BlueStar ranges apart from other premium cooking products is their performance. Trapp explains that BlueStar products are built with restaurant specifications in mind, which give users professional-quality results. The products are stacked with features generally restricted to professional chefs, but designed for the home kitchen. BlueStar’s unique 22,000 BTU open burner system is the most powerful open burner on the market.

“Every company wants to create brand loyalty in its customers, but very few can develop the type of passion and devotion that BlueStar generates,” said Trapp. “BlueStar’s line of kitchen appliances has inspired a strong following among people who are passionate about cooking.”

About BlueStar
BlueStar™ – Genuine Restaurant Ranges for the Home™ – manufactures high-performance gas ranges and cooktops for the residential market. The company’s unique open burner system produces 22,000 BTU of cooking power, resulting in shorter cooking times and an even simmer. Each BlueStar range is hand-crafted in Reading, Pennsylvania and features burners that can be custom configured at the time of order. Most BlueStar models are available in 190 colors, at no extra charge. For more information, please visit