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April 30, 2014


(Reading, PA – April 30, 2014) – When Chef Michael Symon set out to design a pro-style kitchen at home he selected BlueStar and Prizer Hoods products to ensure the ability to prepare restaurant quality meals at home.  BlueStar®, best known for high-performance, commercial grade cooking equipment for the home and Prizer Hoods, the choice for unique, professionally-inspired kitchen hoods, welcomes Chef Michael Symon as the newest addition to its All Star program, a collection of chefs, critics and interior designers who are passionate about achieving restaurant-quality results at home.

Symon, a James Beard Foundation aware-winning American Chef, restaurateur, television personality and author, is the co-host of ABC’s “The Chew” and regulary appears on various shows on Food Network.  A Cleveland native, Symon creates boldly flavored, deeply satisfying dishes at his restaurants: Lola, Lolita, Roast, B Spot and Bar Symon.  At home, Michael loves to create pasta dishes while entertaining family and friends.  Whether recreating a classic spaghetti and meatballs dish or crafting a new-age spin on gnocchi, Symon found that BlueStar ranges and Prizer Hoods are the best appliances to outfit a restaurant-quality kitchen at home.

With the recent renovation of his homes in both Cleveland and the Hamptons, Chef Symon selected BlueStar appliances – known for professional cooking performance, the most powerful open burner gas ranges on the market, heavy duty all stainless steel construction and extraordinary palette of 750 colors and finishes.  Symon found that BlueStar ranges offered the required power and precise control of true pro ranges with unique designs for the custom home kitchen.  When narrowing down the type of ranges for consideration, the gas feature of BlueStar ranges was a standout feature as “it offers a more controlled heat source.”  Symon added, “being able to control the flame is a huge bonus, in addition to the speed that BlueStar ranges offer when cooking.”  Symon concluded that the form and style of BlueStar ranges “looked like a range that I’d like to have in my home.”

Symon ultimately decided to outfit his home kitchen with a BlueStar range as, “[it] was the first range that I cooked on that had the power of the ranges in my restaurants.  With BlueStar there were so many options to customize a range unit to fit into literally any home design imaginable.”  Symon worked with the BlueStar design team to build his custom range, working meticulously to hand select colors and finishes to suit his home kitchen.

Symon chose to outfit his Cleveland home kitchen with a 60″ BlueStar French Top range with six burners in Matte Black with antique brass trim.  Symon raves that his favorite features on the range are the impressive 22,000 BTUs, even heat open burners that provide optimal heat distribution for even cooking and the 130° precise simmer burner, ideal for “evenly heating pasta sauces which makes for perfect pasta every time.”  The French Top, ideal for Symon’s pasta prep, holds small quantities of multiple sauces at a food-serving safe temperature and gradually cools off the high heat located in the center of the range allowing Symon to control the various temperatures in several pans all on one large flat surface.  Symon adds that another personal favorite feature of his BlueStar oven range is that “the oven fits a full size 18″ x 26″ commercial baking sheet.”

As a professional Chef, Symon knew that a high performance kitchen hood, which removes airborne grease, fumes, smoke, odors, heat and steam from the air, was an essential addition to his commercial-grade range.  Prizer Hoods, the ultimate choice for high performance, luxury custom hoods for the home, was his preference.  Prizer Hoods features high-gauge metals, commercial-style baffle filtration systems and automatic heat moderation sensors for seamless high heat cooking.  To accompany the BlueStar French top range in the Cleveland home renovation, a Prizer Hoods custom-designed, stylish Wrangler hood in matching Matte Black with antique brass straps and rivets was installed.  Design and color played a major part in the selection of Symon’s Prizer Hood.  He explained, “It was fun because I had never thought to customize a hood.  Being able to hand select a high-performance hood in a cool color to match our decor was fantastic!”  By combining a powerful, restaurant quality BlueStar range with the high performance ventilation of Prizer Hoods, Symon created an outstanding home system ready for all of his culinary magic at home.

Symon was so enthralled with the Cleveland kitchen renovation that he selected a BlueStar 60″ RNB with 24″ French Top in Black Red with matching Black Red knobs and Antique Brass trim to outfit the kitchen remodel of his second home in the Hamptons.  When selecting a professional grade range for the home Symon advises fellow chefs to look for a range that performs similarly to a restaurant kitchen, but with high BTUs, large oven space and consistency and heat.  Symon can enthusiastically confirm that “a range from BlueStar combined with a ventilation hood from Prizer Hoods will give you the ability to create restaurant quality dishes similar to those created in a professional kitchen!”

Handcrafted in Reading, PA since 1880, BlueStar ranges come in an infinite number of unique configurations, including grill and griddle options, to accommodate all cooking needs.  Not only are BlueStar ranges, cook tops and ovens restaurant grade but its wide array of 190 different colors make any kitchen more unique.  Of course BlueStar offers stainless steel as well, but who wouldn’t want a true professional and colorful kitchen that will make foodie friends turn 50 shades of green with envy?

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