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BlueStar Showroom Recognized in NKBA Innovative Showroom Awards

February 12, 2021

BlueStar®, manufacturer of high-performance appliances for the home – and a trailblazer in color and customization – received an Honorable Mention for Aesthetics in the Innovative Showroom Award in the NKBA Design & Industry Awards program, for its new showroom at Abt Electronics, one of the nation’s largest independent electronics and appliance retailers, located in Glenview, IL. The showroom, designed by Interior designer Ann von Kreuter of House & Home Design, Chicago, is an experiential space which features more than 18 BlueStar® products where home chefs can personally experience the unmatched performance and customization options of BlueStar® appliances.

The NKBA Innovative Showroom Awards recognize the kitchen and bath industry’s most creative, innovative and experiential showrooms in North America. The kitchen and bath industry holds the Innovative Showroom Award winners in high honor as the award recognizes the creative design professionals—architects, technology integrators, designers, furniture makers and display experts—who are masters of design, marketing and sales.

“We are thrilled to be recognized along with the Abt team and designer Ann von Kreuter of House & Home Design for this innovative space that allows us to welcome, educate and host customers and designers alike who want to experience the power and innovation of our products,” said BlueStar® President Eliza Sheffield.

The impressive 1,000 square-foot space was designed to showcase product innovations and unparalleled customization for restaurant-worthy culinary experiences at home. The space features three vignettes, all designed to showcase the depth and breadth of BlueStar®, from ranges and ventilation designs to premium refrigeration, to electric wall ovens and induction cooktops. The new space features a large “live” demo kitchen with an island that houses three pieces and six pullout drawers to show assorted knob colors, all 10 trim options and 192 painted metal samples. The center of the vignette is the Café kitchen that allows guests to experience firsthand BlueStar’s chef-inspired features and high-performance functionalities. Each area offers its own customized appliances, so customers can see the different ways they can style their own BlueStar®. The Abt staff of experts work closely with clients to educate them on the product line and help them make choices that suit their projects and individual needs.

Interior designer Ann von Kreuter was inspired by the timeless cafes and bistros in Europe, where you can sit and linger with friends, sharing culinary delights. “I wanted to create a gathering place with an energy encompassing the play of light, pattern, and color,” said von Kreuter. The showroom’s deep blue walls, handcrafted appliances, exquisitely painted porcelain tiles, chandeliers, over-sized mirrors and banquette seating create a luxe, inviting ambience.

BlueStar® is the only pro-style appliance brand to offer virtually unlimited options for personalization, including more than 1,000 colors and metal trims like brushed brass as well as highly customizable cooking surfaces, swing and French oven doors, and restaurant accessories like salamander broilers, charbroilers, Frenchtops and oversized ovens that fit commercial sheet pans. Consumers can design their own customized BlueStar® appliance online at “Build Your Own BlueStar”. Designed and built in Pennsylvania since 1880, BlueStar® cooking, refrigeration and ventilation products are handcrafted for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens. For more information, visit or visit Apt Electronics, 1200 N Milwaukee Ave, Glenview, IL 60025.