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2007 kbis show | press release| BlueStar

February 26, 2007

(Reading, PA – February 26, 2007) – BlueStar™, manufacturer of high-performance gas ranges and cooktops for the residential market, announced today that it will be exhibiting at the KBIS show in Las Vegas, May 8-10, 2007. The show represents the first time in the company’s history that it has attended the industry’s largest trade conference. While BlueStar products have been sold by select retailers since 2002 and have developed a strong following among chefs and cooking enthusiasts, the company is approaching KBIS as the official launch of the BlueStar brand to the marketplace.

The company will also use the KBIS show to unveil three new products for 2007:

  • Gas Wall Oven – available in 24”, 30” and 36” sizes and 190 different colors.
  • Open Burner Drop-in Gas Cooktop – available in 30” and 36” sizes
  • Salamander Broiler – available in counter top or wall mounted styles


“BlueStar’s attendance at the 2007 KBIS show represents a significant change in how BlueStar is presented to the marketplace. We have more distributors and retailers carrying BlueStar than ever before, our website has been re-launched to include more product information for our customers, and we have several exciting partnerships in development. And as our new products demonstrate, BlueStar continues to innovate, while staying true to our heritage as a commercial-style gas range,” said Keith Wolf, BlueStar’s Vice President of Marketing.

The Gas Wall Ovens will be available in width sizes of 24”, 30” and 36”. The 24” will feature a standard left to right swing door, while the 30” and 36” ovens will feature French doors. All sizes will feature convection ovens and fully retractable racks. Customers can order the ovens in 190 different colors, for no extra charge. Custom colors are also available for a low cost.

The Open Burner Drop-in Gas Cooktops will be available in width sizes of 30 and 36” and will feature the BlueStar’s trademark UltraNova® open burners, producing up to 22,000 BTUs.

The Salamander Broiler is a four position adjustable grilling rack system featuring two 11,000 BTU infrared gas burners that deliver 1850˚ of heat. The unique infrared burner configuration allows users to cook a wide variety of food, including meats, fish, breads, and cheeses to their desired temperature extremely efficiently.

BlueStar will display in booth # S11401 located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

About BlueStar
BlueStar™ – Genuine Restaurant Ranges for the Home™ – manufactures high-performance gas ranges and cooktops for the residential market. The company’s unique open burner system produces 22,000 BTU of cooking power, resulting in shorter cooking times and an even simmer. Each BlueStar range is hand-crafted in Reading, Pennsylvania and features burners that can be custom configured at the time of order. Most BlueStar models are available in 190 colors, at no extra charge. For more information, please visit .