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BlueStar Announces 2024 Summer Color Palette

June 13, 2024

This Curated Selection of BlueStar Colors Celebrates the Hues of Summer

BLANDON, PA—June 13, 2024—BlueStar®, manufacturer of professional-grade kitchen appliances for the home, announces its 2024 Summer Color Palette. Chosen from over 1,000 of the brand’s color offerings, the five-color palette celebrates the warmth of summer and the energy behind the primary colors of our world—reds, blues, and yellow.

This year’s Summer Color Palette consists of Raspberry Red, Salmon Orange, Honey Yellow, Pastel Blue, and Green Blue—selections high in contrast that reflect the vivid tones of the season. From the rich vibrancy of ripe raspberries to the tranquil hue of a clear summer sky, these colors will allow designers and homeowners alike to bring the beauty of the outdoors into the every day, transforming appliances into pieces of art that enhance the playfulness of any kitchen.

“This year’s summer colors picks are a reflection of nature,” says Ann Muth, Vice President of Marketing at BlueStar. “This color palette celebrates boldness and invites the warmth that summer brings into the kitchen year round. These hues are a vibrant compliment to the neutral tans designers are using.”


Raspberry Red: A rich and luscious shade reminiscent of ripe berries plucked straight from the vine on a summer day. This color exudes warmth and vibrancy, with hints of pink and crimson.

Salmon Orange: Soft and soothing, this deep orange is reminiscent of summer sunsets. With undertones of peach and coral, this color radiates warmth and tranquility, like the last rays of sunlight gently kissing the horizon.

Honey Yellow: BlueStar’s 2024 Color of the Year, selected by Tikene Triggs,  introduces vibrancy and energy through a warm and inviting hue that reflects the golden glow of ripe honey through its soft amber undertones.

Pastel Blue: Ethereal and serene, pastel blue is a delicate shade that mirrors the softness of a clear summer sky. With a hint of powdery white, this serene hue is perfect for creating a calming home retreat.

Green Blue: Reflective of nature’s deeper tones, Green Blue’s cool and refreshing undertones of teal and aquamarine bring a sense of natural harmony and vitality, like the shimmering waters of a secluded mountain stream.


Since 1880, BlueStar® has handcrafted high-performance appliances in Pennsylvania, offering infinitely customizable ranges as unique as the home chefs who use them. For a more detailed look at BlueStar’s 2024 Color of the Year, please see here. For general information visit or join the conversation on social media @bluestarcooking.